Business Teams


The Business side of the team consists of: Community Outreach, Finance, Awards, Social Media and Website, Media and Marketing, and FIRST Outreach.



Community Outreach




The Community Outreach team is responsible for locating service opportunities within the school and community, contacting the organizations needing assistance, and coordinating the event with the team. This year’s VP of Community Outreach is Maddie M.







The Finance team is accountable for finding new sponsors for the team and keeping in contact with current ones. This group also plans and organizes fundraisers to earn money for competition and equipment expenses. The Chief Financial Officer, head of this team, also keeps track of the team’s budget. As the CFO, Carli K. leads the Finance Team.








This sub-team focuses on completing all of the requirements to obtain FIRST awards. The Awards team coordinates with other subteams to determine what awards the team will submit for and how to achieve each of the FIRST awards. Naomi N. is this year’s VP.


To see previous award submissions visit our past resources and look at our YouTube channel for past Chairman's videos. Visit our awards page to see everything we've won and done in the past.



Social Media and Website




The Social Media and Website team is in charge of posting and updating all the social media accounts of the team; twitter, instagram, facebook, and snapchat. They also account for maintaining and improving this website, using Adobe Dreamweaver with html code. The VP is Leah A.



Media and Marketing



The Media and Marketing teams job is to promote the team in traditional forms of media, make team videos, and design the teams logos. They work on and produce the teams Chairman's video, create videos to post on the teams Youtube channel, and graphically design the teams logo every year. Michaela M. is the VP this year.


FIRST Outreach




FIRST Outreach is in charge of connecting with FIRST community. This sub-team will get in connection with local FIRST teams to organize events, and with distant ones to build relationships. This year's VP is Samantha B.


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