FIRST Outreach



Cougars Gone Wired does much to help FIRST programs thrive in the community. There are many robotics activities the team participates in, including:


Sea Perch


Sea Perch


Sea Perch is an underwater robotics event where students are provided with a kit of parts to build a “Remotely Operated Vehicle” and they compete to complete an obstacle course underwater. Cougars Gone Wired hosted the event in our school’s cafeteria and pool. We assist those in need in assembling their robot, keep time during the competition, and untangle robots caught in the obstacles.




Southern Colorado FLL Regionals


Southern Colorado FLL Qualifier


Team members have volunteered for several years in the past at the Southern Colorado FLL Regional, filling various jobs. This past year, the event was hosted by another FIRST Robotics Competition team, our friends at Team 662.




The Colorado State Pre-Ship Scrimmage


Scrimmage 2016


For the past four years, Cougars Gone Wired has had the honor of hosting the Colorado Pre-Ship Scrimmage. We build a new practice field each year and set up in the Coronado gym so that teams from all over Colorado, and even from other states, can practice for competition.








The Cougars mentored three Jr. FLL teams this year, based out of Howbert Elementary. Team members traveled to Howbert once a week to mentor the teams in preparation for the Jr. FLL showcase at Coronado.




The Jr.FLL Showcase


Jr. FLL Showcase


As with previous years, Cougars Gone Wired hosted the annual Southern Colorado Jr. FLL Showcase. We provided food, snacks, and the awards, and our mentors served as judges for the event. Team members supervised the children and presented our team’s robot to the kids.



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