Team Leadership

Amy N

Amy N.
Chief Executive Officer

Grade: Junior
Why I Joined: I wanted to go into a STEM related career, and I thought that robotics would help give me experience in that field.
Favorite Team Memory: Last year at competition. There were so many other teams with different ideas and who shared our passion for robotics.


Samantha B

Samantha B.
(CFO) VP of Finance

Grade: Senior
Why I Joined: My sister joined the team her freshman year and got my entire family hooked.
Why I Wanted VP: I wanted to apply what I'd learned from building the summer camp to running a demo.
Favorite Team Memory: A group of team members and I got stuck in a hotel elevator on the way down to a team meeting. For half an hour we sang horribly off key and waited to be released.

Naomi N

Naomi N.
VP of Awards

Grade: Senior
Why I Joined: My brother was on the team and I was like “yeah sure why not I need friends” and then I stayed and now they won’t let me leave.
Why I Wanted VP: I was really interested in the awards and I love getting to be a bigger part of the team.
Favorite Team Memory: My freshman year at my first competition, we won Engineering Inspiration. Everyone was crying and then our CEO at the time won the Deans List Award. None of us were supposed to follow her out to the front but we did anyways.

Sean K

Sean K.
VP of Media & Marketing

Grade: Junior
Why I Joined: My older brother, who is now a mentor, told me that you don’t have to be part of the team to solely build a robot. He then introduced me to the VP of a Media (at the time) and he explained what his role was. I made one video of the team my eighth grade year and I was hooked.
Why I Wanted VP: I’m a big dreamer, and had many ideas of what the Media team could be. I wanted to grow the team, and build it up to its potential.
Favorite Team Memory: When I finished producing our 2019 Denver Regional video, I got a ton of support and people saying that they liked it which reminded me of what my videos are all about.

Leah A

Leah A.
VP of Website & Social Media

Grade: Senior
Why I Joined: My older brother was on the team for 3 years before me, I saw how much fun he had with it and got to go to some competitions, so decided to join since I thought it was cool.
Why I Wanted VP: I had experience with the teams' social media and website already, I wanted to have the experience of being in a leadership position, and I knew what opportunities could possibly come from being a VP.
Favorite Team Memory: Getting to go to the FIRST Championship in Houston my freshman year. Seeing so many teams from so many places was really inspiring, and the competition there was a blast to watch.

Jamie M

Jamie M.
VP of Outreach

Grade: Senior
Why I Joined: I knew I wanted engineering to be my future career so the team fit perfectly. It helped a lot that I already had friends on the team, so I wasn’t jumping in totally blind.
My Plans for Outreach: I want us to continue to be a positive beacon in our community and to continue our STEM Outreach to younger generations.
Favorite Team Memory: Comp in Denver last year, we’d had so much trouble with the climber on Scoop that every Endgame was so stressful. It was one Endgame, I think the first where the drivers got Scoop to climb with no issues, and our team just went crazy.


Keerah A

Keerah A.
VP of Systems Integration

Grade: Senior
Why I Joined: I heard about it from my friend, came to one meeting, and I’ve been hooked ever since.
My Plans for S.I.: My plans are to improve communication between sub-teams and the speed at which it is conducted.
Favorite Team Memory: My favorite team memory was the first time I did the team dance at the Denver regional my freshman year because it truly felt like I was apart of something great, as well as fun.

Scott H

Scott H.
VP of Mobility

Grade: Senior
My Plans for Mobility: To improve the way that the team designs, builds, and utilizes its drive base.
Why I Wanted VP: To make a positive impact on the team.
Favorite Team Memory: The first time that I entered the building at a competition and saw the field. It was surreal and though I had done other sports before, I knew that I was part of something really special.

Andrew M

Andrew M.
VP of Manipulator

Grade: Junior
My Plans for Manipulator: My plans for my sub-team is to work together to design and build a pretty red and yellow robot that we can compete with and cheer for at competitions.
Why I Wanted VP: To take on a bigger role on the team, and to take on a bigger role for myself relating to leadership.
Favorite Team Memory: The first match I was on drive team at the Oklahoma City regional in 2019, it was a little nervracking yet it was the most exciting thing I have done.

Corban Y

Corban Y.
VP of Electronics

Grade: Senior
Why I Joined: I heard about it when I was a second grader. I scheduled a tour of the shop with the team. I was hooked on the idea of building robots and never forgot about the team!
Why I Wanted VP: After my second year, I finally felt like I had the knowledge and experience to manage a part of the team myself. I have always been passionate about tinkering and building things, and now I can pass that on to my sub-team members.
My Plans for Electronics: This year, I'm working toward having a more orderly part storage area.

Ethan S

Ethan S.
VP of Programming

Grade: Senior
Why I Joined: I saw the team at a demo when I was 8 and had wanted to join ever since.
My Plans for Programming: My plan is to make the programming subteam a well oiled machine with a fully developed and polished autonomous system.
Favorite Team Memory: At Denver my freshnam year when, after we won engineering inspiration, Madison heard her name called for Deans list, and we all ran back to the field with her for a big group hug after she accepted the award.

Cat G

Cat G.
VP of Special Projects

Grade: Senior
Why I Joined: I want to go into a STEM-related career, and I thought robotics would help give me experience in that field.
Favorite Team Memory: My favorite memory of the team is competion last year because there were so many other teams with different ideas and who shared our passion for robotics as well.


Bryce VC

VP of Scouting: Bryce VC.
Grade: Senior
Why I Joined: I wanted engineering experience before college, and robotics provides a great platform to build from.
Why I Wanted VP: I wanted engineering experience before college, and robotics provides a great platform to build from.
Favorite Team Memory: This year, I have created a data collection app framework for use in future years. This year I plan on improving upon that, developing an improved data analytics system, and a point projection algorithm.

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