Team Leadership

Amy N

Amy N.
Chief Executive Officer

Grade: Junior
Why I Joined: I wanted to go into a STEM related career, and I thought that robotics would help give me experience in that field.
Why I Wanted CEO: My favorite memory has always been competition. There are so many other teams with different ideas and who share our passion for robotics.


Jordyn L

Jordyn L.
VP of Finance

Grade: Junior
Why I Joined: I joined the team because after my 8th grade year I did the MAD Summer camp and I was hooked to join the team ever since.
Why I Wanted VP: I wanted to become a VP mainly because I want to improve my leadership skills along with communication. After my sophomore year I felt like I had the knowledge and experience to be able to pass the knowledge to new members.

Sara C

Sara C.
VP of Outreach

Grade: Senior
Why I Joined: I joined the team my sophomore year in hopes of expanding my interests in engineering. I love working with the robot, but I also have learned in the past 2 years how important community is within FIRST.
My Plans For Outreach: I would like our team to be more known to elementary and middle schools, and I plan to create other ways to connect with community in difficult times.

Creedon H

Creedon H.
VP of Website & Social Media

Grade: Senior
Why I Joined: I wanted to be part of something at my school Freshman year beyond band. Robotics stuck out to me as something completely new, and something that might let me expand my skillset.
Favorite Team Memory: When we were presenting the final t-shirt draft that I'd designed my Junior year, there was a (controlled) roar of cheers from everyone in the room. It felt good to have that appreciation from so many great people.

Sean K

Sean K.
VP of Media & Marketing

Grade: Junior
Why I Joined: My older brother, who is now a mentor, told me that you don’t have to be part of the team to solely build a robot. He then introduced me to the then-VP of Media and he explained his role. I made one video of the team my eighth grade year and I was hooked.
Favorite Team Memory: When I finished producing our 2019 Denver Regional video, I got a ton of support and people saying that they liked it which reminded me of what my videos are all about.


Justin T

Justin T.
VP of Electronics

Grade: Senior
Why I Joined: I wanted to get more experience in the engineering fields.
Why I Wanted VP: I've wanted to teach freshman and underclassmen about the values of the electronics sub-team, and teach someone the ways of the electronic sub-team to take over for me after I graduate.

Sara C

Andrew M.
VP of Manipulator

Grade: Senior
Why I Joined: I joined the team freshman year because of my interest in building and creating things as well as my interest in engineering.
Why I Wanted VP: I was looking for a bigger role on the team, and becoming a VP was the way for me to do that.
My Plans For Manipulator I plan to take advantage of any opportunities we have and prepare for build season, even if we don't have one.

Izaac L

Izaac L.
VP of Mobility

Grade: Senior
Why I Joined: I saw one of our demonstrations as a little kid and found the team again when I moved into high school.
Why I Wanted VP: I wanted to prove to the team I've learned something since I joined.
My Plans For Mobility: I want to increase our efficiency of our climber(s) and train as many future VPs as possible.

Rygar S

Rygar S.
VP of Programming

Grade: Senior
Why I Joined: I was on a robotics team in middle school that made me realize that robotics was something I really wanted to continue into high school.
Favorite Team Memory: My favorite team memory is definitely how people would bring in a Bluetooth speaker and start blasting Sweet Caroline in the shop. It was great seeing everyone looking like idiots and screaming the lyrics together. It really shows how great of a bond this team has.

Emma H

Emma H.
VP of Special Projects

Grade: Junior
Why I Joined: I joined the team because someone else had recommended it to me, and prior to high school I hadn’t been involved in many clubs.
Why I Wanted VP: I became VP because I adore the team and my sub-team. I also want to guide my sub-team towards specific goals and try new things.
Favorite Team Memory: Going to competition freshmen year in Denver! It was amazing, and overall the atmosphere felt fantastic. It was one of the most fun things I’ve done.

Dylan R

Dylan R.
VP of Systems Integration

Grade: Junior
Coming Soon!


Jacob H

Jacob H.
VP of Scouting

Grade: Senior
Coming Soon!

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