Safety Quiz



Question 1

Question 2 What should you never have when in the shop?

Question 3 What should you always have on your head when in the shop?

Question 4 If a machine isn't working properly, what should you do?

Question 5 What is the most important?

Question 6 How should you work in the shop?

Question 7 At the end of each day, you should...

Question 8 What do you need in case of a fire?

Question 9 To be safe from electricity when working on the robot, make sure you...

Question 10 Keep your work area...

Question 11 If you see that a battery is damaged...

Question 12 If you can't find the right tool for the job, what should you do?

Question 13 When using knives or blades, what should you do?

Question 14 When using loud machinery...

Question 15 What is acceptable footwear?

Question 16 If there's an accident of any kind and somebody gets hurt, immediately...

Question 17 Which is the worst for your safety?

Question18 What is the best way to carry something sharp?

Question 19 Drawers and cabinet doors should be...

Question 20 Before using machinery...

Question 21 While working in the shop, you should be focused on...

Question 22 If somebody else is using a machine, what do you do?

Question 23 When working on the bench, what should you do?

Question 24 How do you unplug an electrical cord?

Question 25 If you don't feel well (headache, dizziness, nausea)...









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