School Participation



School Assemblies




The Cougars take pride in our team spirit, so we always try and get some face time in our assemblies. In front of the entire school, we present our robots, the message of FIRST, and what it means to be in robotics. Assemblies provide us with the opportunity to display our achievements alongside the school’s sports team. It also serves as a recruiting opportunity and a chance to inspire other students to pursue STEM activities.


8th Grade Open House


8th Grade Open House


Coronado hosts an open house for incoming 8th graders anually, and the team loves going. We get a chance to show off our accomplishments and give impending high-schoolers a first look at FIRST!


Fall Festival


Grab 'n Go in costume at the Fall Festival


Every year, Coronado holds a Fall Festival at the end of October. The Cougars are happy every year to come and demonstrate our robots in their own costumes and set up fun crafts and games for the children who come to the event.


Homecoming Parade


The Cougars in the parade


Coronado’s homecoming parade gets the student body – and the rest of the community – pumped for the new school year. As the only high school in the city that holds an event like this, we go to great lengths to make sure it’s memorable every year.

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