Our Structure



Team Structure


Formatted like a business, Cougars Gone Wired divides itself into two categories of sub-teams: business and technical, and each sub-team is headed by a student VP. All members, with the exception of the VPs, belong to one business sub-team and one technical sub-team. This way, responsibilities are spread throughout the team. The leadership members of Cougars Gone Wired are chosen through an application process in which our mentors interview and assess students based upon their character, knowledge, and abilities. At the head of our “business,” the CEO oversees the completion of the robot, directs the work of the team, and leads the team to success. Our CFO mediates contact between sponsors or potential sponsors and our team, monitors the creation of the business plan, and organizes fundraising as VP of Finance. This structure gives students an opportunity to act under management similar to a real workplace and gain experience in leadership.

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