Our Students



Our students are diverse and have many interests, but the one thing that brings us all together is our love for robots. Our team consists of roughly 60 dedicated students, 14 of whom hold leadership positions.





Grade 9


Simon A. - Manipulator, Media & Marketing

Lisa B. - Special Projects, Media & Marketing

Elle F. - Manipulator, Community Outreach

Isaiah G. - Programming, Awards

Sandra H. - Special Projects, Media & Marketing

Emma H. - Manipulator, Media & Marketing

Josh L. - Programming, FIRST Outreach

Jeff L. - FIRST Outreach

Ephriam L. - Electronics, FIRST Outreach

Jordyn L. - Manipulator, FIRST Outreach

Caleb M. - Systems Integration, Media & Marketing

Joseph P. - Special Projects, Community Outreach

Dylan R. - Manipulator, Awards

Mya R. - Manipulator, Community Outreach

Julian S. - Media & Marketing

Henry T. - Manipulator, Media & Marketing

Ethan VC. - Special Projects, Media & Marketing

Byron Y. - Special Projects, Media & Marketing

Grade 10


Sara C. - Manipulator, Community Outreach

Izsac C. - Electronics, Media & Marketing

Elia C. - Systems Integration, Media & Marketing

Adiel D. - Manipulator, Community Outreach

Elizabeth G. - Electronics, Social Media & Website

Jacob H. - Programming, Finance

Creedon H. - Programming, Media & Marketing

Emily H. - Media & Marketing

Brycen H. -

Xavier H. - Manipulator, Community Outreach

Sean K. - Special Projects, Media & Marketing

Izaac L. - Mobility, Media & Marketing

William L. - Manipulator, Finance

Andrew M. - Manipulator, FIRST Outreach

Gavyn M. - Programming, Social Media & Website

Amy N. - VP of Special Projects

Austin R. - Electronics, Media & Marketing

J.T. R. - Manipulator, Media & Marketing

Noah R. - Electronics, Finance

Rygar S. - Programming, Finance

Justin T. - Electronics, Media & Marketing

Gunnar V. - Manipulator, FIRST Outreach

Tyler W. - Mobility, Media & Marketing


Grade 11


Leah A. - VP of Social Media and Website

Keerah A. - VP of Systems Integration

Andrea B. - Programming, Finance

Samantha B. - VP of FIRST Outreach

Mark B. - Electronics, FIRST Outreach

Cat G. - Special Projects, Community Outreach

Scott H. - VP of Mobility

Carissa L. - Programming, Awards

Corben L. - Manipulator, Community Outreach

Jamie M. - Manipulator, Awards

Daylan M. - Mobility, Firsth Outreach

Naomi N. - VP of Awards

Logan P. - Electronics, Finance

Ryan S. - Electronics, FIRST Outreach

Ethan S. - VP of Programming

Tyler S. - Electronics, Awards

Zykaryah S. - Mobility, Awards

Bryce VC. - Manipulator, FIRST Outreach

Corban Y. - VP of Electronics


Grade 12


Garrett C. - VP of Manipulator

Jonathan F. - Special Projects, Social Media & Marketing

Anika H. - Programming, Media & Marketing

Sabrina J. - Manipulator, Finance

Carli K. - VP of Finance

Maddie M. - VP of Community Outreach

Michaela M. - VP of Media & Marketing

Ivy R. - Manipulator, Finance

Grace S. - CEO

Bennett S. - VP of Scouting

Andrew W. - Manipulator, Community Outreach





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