Technical Teams



The technical side of the team consists of: Manipulator, Mobility, Electrical, Systems Integration, Programming, and Special Projects.







The Manipulator team designs and builds the mechanisms that manipulate and maneuver the game pieces, whether they be balls, frisbees, totes, or anything in between. Whatever FIRST throws at us, Manipulator ensures that our robot can score. This year's VP is Garrett C.






The Mobility team decides on how the robot is going to move. They consider a number of factors like speed, torque, and adaptability to choose the drive train and wheels that will allow our robot to travel all across the field as efficiently as it can. Mobility is also in charge of special movements the robot must make, such as hanging. This year's VP is Scott H.






The Electronics sub-team is in charge of the wiring and circuitry on the robot. By collaborating with the other sub teams, Electronics builds an electronics board and connects all the systems of the robot together. This years VP is Corban Y.



Systems Integration




The Systems Integration team makes sure all the separate systems can be incorporated into a single robot. This team creates a robot design that factors in elements like flexibility, center of gravity, and weight. They do this by creating a 3D model of the robot on Autodesk Inventor, which is sent to our sponsor Vertec, who fabricates the sheet metal needed to build our robot. This year's VP is Keerah A.







The Programming sub-team is responsible for writing the code that makes the robot run. They use Java to code the robot for the autonomous phase, whether it’s for moving across the field or scoring the point, as well as the control system for tele-op, giving our drivers the control they need. This year's VP is Ethan S.



Special Projects




Special Projects builds everything that does not go on the robot. One of the groupís main projects is the construction of a practice field, which is used at the Colorado Pre-Ship Scrimmage the team hosts each year, as well as the Colorado Regional in Denver. They also construct the pit the team uses at competitions. This year's VP is Amy N.




Competition Teams:







The Scouting team keeps track of other teams' performance during competition, so that if our team becomes one of the top eight ranked teams picking alliance members, we will be informed on teams that compliment our strategy. There are also members who scout for business ideas; they ask previous award winners their experiences and for advice on how to improve our team. This year's VP is Bennett S.



Drive Team



True to its name, the drive team drives the robot during competition. It is composed of five members who are picked after tryouts; a coach, a human player, a technician, a manipulator driver, and a mobility driver.



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