Our Volunteers



Dinner is served!


Our volunteers are an essential component of Cougars Gone Wired. Through a parent volunteer program “Cougar Kibble”, team members are provided with meals every day during build season. We give our humble thanks to all of the volunteers who give their time, money, and food to feed the team.


Cougar Kibble Parents & Volunteers:


Donna Alvarez

Jennifer Arnold

Christine Bauers

Margarita Bazan

Lynn Bloomfield

Laurie Chromy

Kristie Cichello

Ginger Coleman

Kamarra Fauese

Steve & Rachel Gray

Carie Hagen

Brijin Harvey

Michelle Humphrey

Linda Joyce

Scotti Kassner

Gina King

Sarah Knox

Jayson & Esther Lee

David Merz

Susan Nikaido

Kimberlee Rich

Sandy Robbins

Kacey Ross

Annie SanNicolas

Sylvia Schyberg

Tonya Shepherd

Sue Spengler

Mike Ulrich

Deb Van Caster

Chris & Samantha Walter

Heather Worby

Gail Worm

Tom Worm

Jamie Wright


And a Club-to-Club Thank-You To:


Coronado Student Government

Coronado Catering



Thank you so much for your time!

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