The Challenge

The 2017 game brings us back to brass and boilers, where robots must help their alliance's pilots take flight! Robots will have to deliver gears to the pilots of their alliance's airship in order to turn a succession of rotors, as well as feed fuel into a boiler building up steampower. As everyone prepares their top hats and goggles, teams will be building the automatons every steampunk inventor dreams of!

Our Solution

Say hello to Thumper! This year's bot earned the name for the sound of the drive train shifting between mecanum or castor wheels. The octocanum drive train uses pneumatic pistons to change between two wheel types mounted to rockers, allowing Thumper to utilize the abilty to strafe as well as maintain pushing power when needed. Thumper is fitted with a pan-and-roller gear intake at the front, a velcro fitted climber in the back, and a double shooter in the middle. The fuel hopper can be loaded either via field hopper or the belted intake system to pick up fuel from the floor. From the hopper, the two shooters are fed by a 3D printed auger that rotates to bring fuel to the center. Packed to the brim with mechansims, Thumper is ready to take flight!

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