The Challenge

In 2018 our robots and team were stuck in an arcade game! Robots had to control switches and scales by placing power cubes on them, human players used Power Ups for extra advantage during the game, and robots climbed at the end to face the robot boss and escape the game.

Our Solution

For the 2018 Power Up game, and Team 2996's 10 year anniversary, we made our robot Rocky! Being one of our bigger robots, Rocky weighs almost 120 pounds. The drive train is a 6 wheel 1/8 inch drop center, holding up the almost 54 inch tall bot. During matches it can reach up about 7 feet to place cubes as high as we can get on the scale. The roller intake system consists of 4 wheels to pick up the power cubes, which are then raised by the lift mechanism to the switches and scale. In hopes of facing the boss during endgame the robot climbs with a hook. Rocky is ready to Power Up this season!

Cougars Gone Wired
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