Destination: Deep Space

Presented by The Boeing Company

The Challenge

In the 2019 game Destination: Deep Space all teams are on planet Primus collecting cargo and hatch panels. A sandstorm renders the drivers blind for the first 15 seconds of the game, then robots can load up the Rockets and Cargo Ship with the game pieces for points. Towards the end of the game robots can retreat to the safety of their HAB Zone and climb up a platform for extra points.

Our Solution

Our 2019 robot: Scoop! Scoop weighs a little over 90 pounds, equipped with a 6-wheel drive base and two manipulators. The robot has 4 dual omni wheels and 2 rubber traction wheels, along with a bridge like structure to support our moving systems. One pair of arms is angled to attatch to the hatch panel manipulator, our 3-D printed part is paired with a motorcycle piston piece with hook and loop tape to attatch to the panels. The other arms attatch to the cargo manipulator with 6 wheels to intake and outake the balls. Our robot also has a secret, underneath is our climbing system to get us up to the 3rd level platform at the end of the game. Scoop is ready to compete on Planet Primus for Destination: Deep Space!

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