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Cougars Gone Wired is the FIRST Robotics Competition Team 2996. We are based at Coronado High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado and we are a District 11 wide team. Students from Coronado and other High Schools in the surrounding area participate actively on the team.

Team Structure Diagram

Team Structure

Formatted like a business, Cougars Gone Wired divides itself into two categories of sub-teams: business and technical, and each sub-team is headed by a student VP. All members, with the exception of the VPs, belong to one business sub-team and one technical sub-team. This way, responsibilities are spread throughout the team as evenly as possible.
The leadership members of Cougars Gone Wired are chosen through an application process in which our mentors interview and assess students based upon their character, knowledge, and abilities.
At the head of our “business,” the CEO oversees the completion of the robot, directs the work of the team, and leads the team to success. Our CFO mediates contact between sponsors or potential sponsors and our team, monitors the creation of the business plan, and organizes fundraising as VP of Finance.
This structure gives students an opportunity to act under management similar to a real workplace and gain experience in leadership.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach is a major part of our team. Everything from our school to our city to our sponsors are part of our great community. In order to give back to those who support us, we get involved. FIRST outreach, presentations, interactive demonstrations, volunteer work, school participation, and international outreach allow us to spread FIRST ideas and contribute to the community. In fact, through the community we are able to recruit many new team members and disperse a passion for STEM to everyone for anyone. We make it our goal to give back to the community, while spreading the FIRST message.

Cool Science Festival

Cool Science Festival

Every year, our team joins the UCCS Cool Science Festival, a community event that aims to introduce STEM topics to children. We bring a small robotics arena, allowing kids to compete with each other using VEX robots. For many of them, it’s their first time manipulating a robot, which proves to be a memorable hands-on experience for them. We like to bring our latest FRC robot to the festival for the kids to see, and it’s inspiring to see them get excited about robotics.


Our team is honored to host a Scrimmage every year to provide FRC teams with the opportunity to play that year's FIRST Robotics Competition game on a full-sized field that we build ourselves. Taking place at the end of build season, everyone from parents, friends, sponsors to people from our community are invited, and Scrimmage proves to be a terrific time for us to celebrate FIRST and prepare for upcoming competitions.

Scrimmage 2019
Summer Camp 2019 Group

MAD Summer Camp

We have hosted the Making A Difference (MAD) Robotics Summer Camp for current middle schoolers since 2016. Through the MAD Summer Camp we teach and inspire tomorrow's leaders with exciting hands-on experience and basic engineering practice. The camp uses an intriguing STEM based curriculum, in which campers build their own robots, as well as learn to program to play in autonomous and driver-controlled challenges!

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